Ice Cold Water

2010 m. balandžio 25 d., sekmadienis

Today`s Madness It`s Sunday. It`s my brother`s Birthday.He`s 5 now :}} From the early morning I had to got up and be ready for thousands of guests in our home ;D And.. Go to buy another cake and stuff :D
Anyway-.. I had a lovely time this day. Lying on the grass with coffee & cookies & Chillin.mp3. And then.. I had a little time of freedom to browse the @net. So.. That picture of my desktop is showing my obsession about ideas that I saw by watching, & etc...

Omg.. I`ts sooo much stuff that I`d want to haaave (inlove)

so`s some pics from all that bunch:

Anyway.. I was thinking `bout all this..and..I decided to sew more. I need my abilities to grow. So I need more things to do. To Create.. To Be!
Don`t just say: "eeh, I could make this..and this. "
I need to DO IT literally !!!

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